Diabetic Footcare  

Individuals with diabetes often have poor blood circulation, and loss of feeling through nerve damage (Peripheral Neuropathy) which can lead to sores that are difficult to heal. Nerve damage in the lower leg and feet can be exacerbated by infection, leading to more serious complications. 
Diabetics experience higher risk of foot problems and should never attempt to remove corns, Callus or Verruca’s alone. Toenails should always be cut by a foot care professional. 
Chose comfortable, well-fitting shoes, never shoes to stretch to fit. Leather, canvas or suede are the best materials, and always wear socks which provide an extra layer of soft protection Wear socks in bed when feet are cold. Feet should be inspected daily, and moisturised though not between the toes. Always wear shoes or slippers, never walk around bare foot, indoors or out. 
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